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About Johnny Hussain

LIFE COACH: FOOTBALL COACH: SALES COACH & TRAINER: MARKETER: DESIGNER. 22yrs : 10k+Coached : 100+ Businesses : 1000+ Youths. 

Johnny Hussain, driven by his own journey of resilience and personal growth, felt a deep calling to empower and uplift others. Recognising the transformative power of self-belief and positive affirmations, he embarked on creating a brand that would offer self-empowered clothing, accessories, lifestyle goods, e-books, and videos. His mission was to provide people with tangible reminders and tools to cultivate self-confidence, embrace their inner strength, and manifest their dreams. Through this brand, Johnny Hussain aimed to inspire individuals to embrace their unique journeys, overcome challenges, and live their lives with purpose and passion. He understood that by infusing daily life with positive messages and empowering resources, people could unlock their full potential and create a meaningful, fulfilling life.

The Story of Little Johnny

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Little Johnny. He was a happy child who enjoyed doing fun things. At the age of 7, his parents separated, and he was taken to America. His life would never be the same. He had to be strong.

As Little Johnny grew up, he moved back and forth between England and the East Coast of America. He attended around 14 schools and had approximately 70 jobs. He encountered various aspects of life, experiencing both richness and poverty, encountering gangs and success. He met people from all walks of life. However, he also faced racism, discrimination, attacks on his intelligence, character, and more. He had to be strong.

Little Johnny had a passion for making people happy, and he did his best to help others. He often spoke up and even fought to protect people, but this led to being seen as a troublemaker. He was simply fighting for honesty. He had to be strong.

Being talented in music, acting, and sports, and being popular with girls made him a target for those who wanted to bring him down at a young age. Overcoming challenges resulted in hate. He had to be strong.

Little Johnny managed to escape the street life and landed a job in a bank, quickly climbing up the ranks. He got married, had three children, and had to raise his own family while still being a young father. He had to be strong.

As Little Johnny’s story and success unfolded, he met coaches and mentors who helped shape him into a specialist in behavior change. However, as he learned, some friendships were lost, and fears arose. He had to be strong.

Eventually, Little Johnny became a full-time life coach, drawing from all he had been through. He started helping people after reaching the top of the retail banking world and deciding to leave. He had money, success, and a family. However, things took a turn for the worse. He had to be strong.

Little Johnny went through a divorce, became homeless, lost custody of his kids, and faced financial ruin. There were moments when he contemplated giving up on life. He experienced deep sadness. Yet, he persisted in coaching and co-delivering seminars, sometimes without a place to sleep. He had to be strong.

Gradually, Little Johnny began to pick himself up by seeking help and taking small steps. He embarked on a journey of self-discovery, although it was difficult to confront his true self. The temptation to give up was always present. He had to be strong.

Subsequently, Little Johnny became a single dad as his eldest child came to live with him. He had to learn how to balance being a single dad and provide support for his other two children as they worked through their own mental recovery. Little Johnny fully embraced his role as a father. He had to be strong.

Years later, Little Johnny, now Coach Johnny, is thriving. He rebuilt his life, regained belief in himself, worked hard, helped as many people as he could, maintained his health, and lived by his own teachings. He still faces challenges along the way, but he’s determined to achieve his dreams. In fact, he’s no longer Little Johnny; he’s Coach Johnny, and he remains strong.

Life throws all sorts of obstacles our way, and the journey to success presents many trials. We never know what awaits us on our path. It takes time for things to fall into place. Like Little Johnny, we must be strong and pursue our dreams. X

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