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About Johnny Hussain


22yrs : 10k+Coached : 100+ Businesses : 1000+ Youths. 

Johnny Hussain, also known as Coach Johnny, is motivated by his personal journey of resilience and growth, which has propelled him to empower and uplift others. Recognising the profound impact of self-belief and positive affirmations, he has dedicated himself to building a brand that encompasses self-empowered life coaching in addition to a range of offerings such as clothing, accessories, lifestyle goods, e-books, and videos. With a solid foundation as a Professional Life Coach. Johnny Hussain’s mission extends beyond traditional coaching. He strives to furnish individuals with tangible support, timely reminders, and effective tools to foster self-confidence, embrace inner strength, and manifest aspirations.  Through his brand, Johnny Hussain aspires to be a catalyst for inspiration, encouraging individuals to embrace their distinct journeys, overcome obstacles, and lead purposeful and passionate lives. He recognises the transformative potential of infusing daily life with positive messages and empowering resources. By amalgamating life coaching and a spectrum of lifestyle products, Coach Johnny aims to guide people towards unlocking their full potential and creating a meaningful, fulfilling life.

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