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Coach Johnny


For over 18 years I have helped improve thousands of people’s lives. Through learning from the best coaches in the world such as Anthony Robbins and Zig Ziglar. World Changers such as Mandella, Branson, Angalina Jo Lee and the Greats such as Ali. From studying the poor to rich and the non successful to the successful. From my own life journey from an unstable childhood, 14 schools, living yearly between UK and America, a music and football career, a 15 year marriage, divorce, homelessness, losing it all and being a young father and raising 3 children combined with my qualifications in coaching such as NLP and experience working within a range of industries including 70 jobs as I grew to Nationally Deputysing Coaching for HSBC UK and building my life back. I have the diversity, knowledge, education and experience to help you transform your life or business for REAL. Now having created my own self-help life programmes, formulas, music, books, tools, strategies, and resources I, Coach Johnny I am on a mission to help people all over the world have real success.



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As a behaviour change expert I help develop life skills or create new life skills in all aspects of life. I use various styles of therapy and methods of therapy including nlp and holistic. I help my clients have self help tools and success behaviours and overall aims to improve their well being. I am able to give my clients another perspective, and I do this through coaching, training, teaching, and only give direct advice in qualified areas. A few of the areas I help improve life skills in are personally, financially, socially & spiritually and I have worked with a wide range of people, families and behaviour change services.




Need Help in these areas:


* Self Help * Self Hypnosis * Lifestyle * Lifeskills * Behavioural Change * Sports Performance * Business Performance * Sales Performance * Public Speaking * Presentations * Motivation * Relaxation * Health * Fitness * Nutrition * Confidence * Self Esteem * Self Image * Feeling Lost * Depression * Anxiety * Phobias and Fears * Weight Loss & Control * Stop Smoking * Faith and Spiritual * Anger Management * Relationship *Build Back * Stress Management * Time Management * Imbalance * Success


1:1, Couples, Families, Groups, Teams, Staff

Telephone, Skype, Face2Face Sessions

Available for events, travel, projects.


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The Real 90 Days Life Success Programme : Design The Real You includes 23 Coaching Calls



The Real 90 Days Life Success Programme : Design The Real You includes 23 Coaching Calls


90 Days of Transformation Coaching with total success life planning , real life change, real techniques, learn to self coach your self, :::No Excuses. You Own it! You Rock it! You Make It::: We are talking full 24/7 coaching. Access to me daily, live Face to Face, Web Cam, Phone coaching. We are talking about helping you with a life success plan where I coach you, advise you, mentor you, teach you and ultimately help you accomplish the things you want and need too for this years success and for your future. We will cover your life, career, business, health, relationship, contribution and more. A full transformation.. Real Life Change! This is for people who are serious about making this year, the year of their life. The year everything changed. The year you finally did what you said you would. Real Change.




1 Introduction Call

1 Visioning & Planning Call

1 Past,

1 Future,

1 Present Call

1 Design Your Future Call

12 Weekly Success Calls

3 Technique Calls

1 Final Session

1 Follow Up Call


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When it's your event time and time to get your guest seriously motivated and ready to take action then Coach Johnny is the presenter and or speaker you’re looking for. With his passion and realness, energy motivation, fun, experience and truth it’s Keep it real time. Coach Johnny brings his 15 year plus coaching experience, real life personal stories, life and business experience, a capturing personality, amazing LANGUAGE presenting and entertainment skills to the stage to help your guest have success or to promote your event, company, product or service. Coach Johnny's diverse UK American style motivational speeches and presenting work can be adapted to fit your event structure, theme, business, product, service and intention. With Coach Johnny speaking at your event together we take it to real level



Real Motivational Behaviour Change Stories & Technique Speeches


X How To Have A Real Balanced Life

X How To Build Back Your Life For Real

X How To Empower The Real You

X How To Have Real Life Success

X How To Be The Real Healthy You

X How To Have Real Peak Performance

X How To Have Real Entrepreneur Success

X How To Be A Real Network Marketing

X How To Have Real Sales Success

X How To Be A Successful Youth


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Coach Johnny is recognised as a UK Leader in coaching & NLP. He is qualified to Master Level and as a former Assistant Speaker and Co Facilitator for The Brain People he has helped qualify and coached over 1500 people to various levels (Diploma, Practitioner and Masters). He now offers LIFE AND NLP qualifications so you can learn and implement NLP tools, techniques and behaviour strategies. So whether you are new to coaching or NLP or want to become or take your coaching career to the next level Coach Johnny can assist you on your journey



Life & NLP Certifications


Become A Real Qualified Coach: The Real NLP Certified Diploma Programme : 30 Day Home Course 1:1 Phone & Skype Sessions


The Real Life Coach Certification Programme : 60 Days Home Course 1:1 Phone & Skype Sessions


The Real NLP Practitioner Certification Programme : 90 Day Home Course 1:1 Phone & Skype Sessions


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Corporate/Business NLP Sales Coaching & Training Workshops:


With a 15 year international corporate background from Junior Levels to National Management. A specialist in Coaching, Training, Behaviour Change and Sales. Experience in a range of SECTORS, big brands such as HSBC and working with all levels. Having created national behaviour change, sales academies, training programs, frameworks and delivery including bespoke speeches. With the ability and proven results to increase retention, increase brand, up skilling employees and move business forward. Coach Johnny is the most diverse get results Corporate Trainer and Coach in the UK Today.



Corporate/Business NLP Sales Coaching & Training Workshops:


X The Real Sales Process

X Real Face 2 Face Sales

X Real Phone Sales

X Real Prospecting

X Real Relationship Building

X Real Objection Handling

X Real Negotiation

X Real Presenting

X Real Closing

X Real Peak Sales Performance


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Staff Qualifications:


Corporate/Business Combined Real NLP Diploma & Practitioner Staff Course.



Get your staff qualified in NLP


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The Real 90 Days Business Success Programme : Design Your Real Business


For over 15 years Coach Johnny has helped various businesses & industries as well as people from different professions with different talents through his 90 Days Business Programme which has seen results that have led clients to having a solid foundation, brand and plan where some clients have made a six figure income within 12 months and all have had success and earned. During this 90 days, Coach Johnny will coach you, teach you, help you, push you and motivate you to have a profitable small business. Together you will create things such as your name, brand, slogan, logo, stationary, paperwork, marketing, sales, on-line, website and everything in between up to a working business plan with financials. Within 90 days you will be a Successful Business Owner





The Real 90 Days Business Success Programme : Design Your Real Business : INCLUDES 23 Business Coaching Calls


1 Introduction

1 Business Visioning & Planning

1 Design Your Business

1 Sales Process

1 Sales Process Follow Up

12 Weekly Success

3 Business Management

1 Launch Call

1 Final Session

1 Follow Up


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