When it’s your event time and time to get your guest seriously motivated and ready to take action then Johnny Hussain is the presenter and or speaker you’re looking for. With his passion and realness, energy motivation, fun, experience and truth it’s Keep it real time. Johnny Hussain brings his 20 year plus coaching experience, real life personal stories, life and business experience, a capturing personality, amazing LANGUAGE presenting and entertainment skills to the stage to help your guest have success or to promote your event, company, product or service. Johnny Hussain diverse UK American style motivational speeches and presenting work can be adapted to fit your event structure, theme, business, product, service and intention. With Johnny Hussain speaking at your event together we take it to real levels

Real Motivational Behaviour Change Stories & Technique Speeches

X How To Have A Real Balanced Life
X How To Build Back Your Life For Real
X How To Empower The Real You
X How To Have Real Life Success
X How To Be The Real Healthy You
X How To Have Real Peak Performance
X How To Have Real Entrepreneur Success
X How To Be A Real Network Marketing
X How To Have Real Sales Success
X How To Be A Successful Youth

1 Hour Sessions - 90 Day Plans

Coach Johnny offers a free consultation.

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