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How Balanced Is Your Life?

How are you developing? How are you growing? How do you develop your self?   Are you developing  naturally?  Or do you put time into your personal development? How would you improve if you put more time into your own growth? Where are you now? Who could you be? How do you develop?

How are your habits? They drive you. You do what your do daily because of them. Some formed when you where a child, some as you grew, and some you develop now. What habits are working for you? What habits aren’t? What habits do you need?  Habits. How are you habits?

Health. How is your health? How healthy are you? How healthy can you be? How would life be if you improved your health? If you have some health challenges? How can you still find happiness with your health? What are you doing to keep healthy? How are you keeping healthy?

Your body and inside your body is your vehicle. Its needs to be looked after, fuelled. It needs fitness. It may be light fitness or may be some serious workouts. It needs work every day. Are you keeping fit? How is your fitness levels? How can they improve? How would you feel is you where more fit? How do you keep fit?

We are never to old to learn as they say. So how are you educating yourself? How are you learning new things? What things do you or would you or are you educating yourself on? How are you managing educating yourself. We grow through learning and we really grow through focused learning specifically on your talents, skills, industry and goals. How are you educating yourself?

How is your career going? Or your job? Or you business? How well are you doing? How is your current role? How does the next step look? Are you happy in your career? How could you be happier? How can you move forward? How would you look if you where nailing your role, job, career, business? Ou work stimulates us and we spend more time working than most things. It’s an important part of life. How is your job, career or business going?

Now social can mean a lot of things to many different people but for you personally; are you social?, What do you do to socialise? What about on your own? With family? With friends? With Co-workers? Are you happy with your social life? Are you having too much of a social life or need more? What could be better? How could it improve? Really, How social are you?

So you have lots of relationships in life. Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Associates and more. How are your relationships? How are you different in each? Could you grow your relationships? How would life be if you grew them? What could you do now to develop your relationships? Can use use other relationships and the way you are with others to develop them? Relationships. How are yours growing?

So how is your love life? Do you have a love life? Are you in love? Is someone in love with you? Or you still looking for love? Do you know how to love? do you know what how your partner wants to be loves? Do they know how you want to be loved? No love? How can you develop yourself to find love? And what do you want from love? Love.. So many questions. Questions that will help you grow love. How is love your love life?

How do you give back? How can you help others? How can you contribute to others? How can you help your family, friends, others, charity, the world? What can you do or are doing? How can you give more? Giving is a key to develop self and self importance. How do you give back?

Life has many areas as we have seen above from our questions. So all together. You! How are you at one with self? How are you balanced? How are you growing? How are you reaching your gaol? How are you becoming the real you? 


That’s quite a bit to image and explore, always good to get some paper and write these things out, so if you didn’t, have another go.  You can even give yourself a score from 1-10 to monitor where you are now and where you want to be. Set a starting point around all your life. You’ll need to get specific here though on what everything means and of course you’ll need full belief, a vision, a mission, goals, routine, techniques, tools, the right habits and more to reach your happiness level and your dream life and lifestyle. Life has it’s ways and if you action your life then anything is possible. Now of course things can be challenging but guess what? I’m here to help. Your own personal coach to motivate you, guide you, teach you, uncover the real you, hold you accountable and help you reach all of your goals and dreams.  Book some time with me below. Let’s have a free consultation and lets get you the success you desire and deserve.


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