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Over the last 20 years I have been privileged to have personally grown and developed people and businesses. I have led, managed, coached, trained, sold and given great service. I have an international corporate to small business background experience from Junior Levels to National Management as well as being a self employed successful business and sales coach. Through all my experience I have created local to national growth with proven results and I have accomplished many great things including helping over 10,000 people, helping qualify over 1500 people in nlp, helping over 100 businesses grow off and online and leading the way for 3 of the largest organisations in their field of work. I have created training and sales departments, national behaviour change, sales academies, training programs, workshops, frameworks, web courses. I have presented, promoted, coached, trained and been an ambassador for various companies and I have successfully mastered the art of business, sales, coaching, training, branding, social media, advertising and online marketing. I am a specialist in people. I have strong skills in speaking, marketing and sales. I am committed, passionate, energetic, motivational and a diverse leader. Thriving on challenge, adaptation, understanding all situations, helping, and moving the new forward whilst using Master NLP techniques as part of my specialities. Gaining results through smart communication, creativity, building strong businesses, departments and teams, relationships, structure and being organised are key elements in my strategies. I have planned and gained my experience to put me at the forefront of business and I have been moulded to be part of innovation, the best and success.

I currently specialise in helping my clients staff and businesses through Business Coaching, Sales Coaching & Delivering Training Courses. I also provide free tips, tools, strategies and videos to help businesses grow off and online.

I am available fro 1:1. teams, groups, events and also face to face, online, over the phone, over web cam and I offer a free consultation and a range of experiences as found on my website.Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Johnny Hussain
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Johnny Hussain

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Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your time and for looking into my services. I offer a free consultation so drop me a message and lets have a talk about your business goals. Enquire Here


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