Peak Performance


Through Nuero Linguistic Programming & Proven Scientific Techniques You Will Have The Ability To Have Peak Mental Performance.


Create Nutrition Mental Habits Through NLP, Holistic And A Plan. It Will Keep You & Help You Keep At Peak Levels, Healthy Naturally.


A Real Peak Performance Plan Developed Off Your Personal or Team Goals. Include All Areas Scientifically Needed To Reach Your Perfromance Goals.


Fitness Coaching Using Mind Behaviour & Pattern Techniques Which Help You Be At Your Peak Fitness Levels With Ease.


Create Real Peak Performance Vision And Goals. Including All Areas Such As Habits, Self Talk, Belief, Confidence, Routines & Your Success.


It Comes Down To Action. Learn How To Anchor Your Self For Peak Performance Action. Have Coach Johnny With You Through All The Process.

Your Programme

For over 20 years I have helped players become their best and have peak performance  levels and instantly when in need. Yes Instant! He will help you have a complete Peak Performance Plan and coach you through it so you can self coach yourself once you’ve learnt the tools, techniques and behaviour strategies you need. Your plan and programme will include your peak vision, goals, the mind, fitness, nutrition, plan and action you will take. Everything is the mind so once you’ve learnt what your need and actioned it you will have full access to instantly gain peak performance and your habits will be set for you to grow to the level you desire. The future in peak performance is holistic!

Programme available for individuals, teams and Coach Johnny is available for Pro Camps. 

Sessions: 2 hours – 90 day plans.

Individuals : Teams : Clubs

Bayonne NJ Girls : ProFutures : Darenth Cougars : Thamesmead Town : Sporting Club Thamesmead : Danson Sports : Phoenix Sports : Kent Football United : Arsenal DC : Chelseas DC, Charlton Academy : Watford Academy : Leighton Orient Academy : Brentford Academy : Astar Academy : Various Schools, Youth Centres, Councils & Health Centres, Holiday Clubs, Sport Schools.   Private Individuals  – Professional / Semi Pro / Youth : A-D League Players. Boys : Girls : Adults. All Ages. Over 5000 Players Developed

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