The Real NLP Practitioner Certification - Home 1:1 Learning Course 

Are you a Coach, Trainer, Therapist or Speaker and not learnt NLP?

Are you a Coach, Trainer, Therapist or Speaker and not qualified in NLP?

Do you really know how to use the mind, language, body, emotions to help your clients have real lasting change? 

Would you like to get qualified rapidly, on a 1:1 basis from a respected master coach with a proven track record?

If you've said yes to any of these then let's get you your ready to be qualified in NLP and using the tools, techniques and behaviour strategies to help yourself and your clients have success..

The Real NLP Practitioner Certification .....Home Learning Course!!

In this 90 day learn from home programme you will have a practitioner level understanding of NLP and its history, learn NLP key success principles, tools, techniques and behaviour strategies with practitioner level implementation in order to help you help you have future success and be awarded a NLP Practitioner Certification . 

What's in it for you? 

Key Learns 

- What is and how to use NLP as a Practitioner

- Using NLP Success Principles 

- NLP success tips, tools, techniques & behaviour strategies 

- NLP in people's life, career or business

- How to use NLP for Mind, Body, Language and Emotional Change 

-Embedded suggestions, communication and the art of story telling 

- Learn to implement over 30 Techniques through video and 1:1 coaching

- Understanding and Using Hypnotic Language and Trances. 

- Learn to use NLP to understand the real person and how to help them have success unconsciously and consciously in past, future & present

- Introduction into life coaching, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, martial arts and fitness as part of an all round coaching cycle through NLP.

- Certified NLP Practitioner Certificate

The Breakdown - approximate times. 

Module 1 : 

Understanding You
Introduction to NLP
NLP History
NLP Modelling 
NLP Success Principles
NLP Presuppositions
NLP Metaphors 

Module 2 : 

The Mind 
The Body

Module 3: 

Meta and Milton Model
Tote, Swish & Squash Technique 
Sub Modalities
Time Lines
Advanced Anchoring 

Module 4: 

Life coaching
Martial Arts
Health & Fitness

Module 5: 

Course Wrap Up 
Be a NLP Practitioner
Personal Goals 
Final Exam


50 Course Techniques: 

#1 Modelling Success Technique
#2 Reflection Success Technique
#3 Self Talk Success Technique
#4 Instant State Change Technique 
#5 Be Is Now Success Technique
#6 The Future You Success Technique
#7 Flexibility Success Technique 
#8 The 4 Bucket Wealth Success Strategy 
#9 The Rename Success Technique 
#10 Be Me Success Relationship Technique
#11 Step Outside Yourself Technique
#12 Break The Word Success Technique 
#13 Hello Success Technique
#14 Incantation Affirmation Tool 
#15 Opposite Sex Tool
#16 Circle Of Excellence 
#17 Chain Of Excellence
#18 Ask The Love Question Tool 
#19 Wheel of Life Tool
#20 The Congruency Tool
#21 The Unconscious Rapport Technique
#22 The Identity Tool
#23 The Gaining Trust Technique
#24 Feed The Birds Technique
#25 The Certainty Tool 
#26 The Grow Model
#27 The Disney Method
#28 The Haters Technique 
#29 Rapid Stress Elimination Technique
#30 Contracting\Ice Breaking Technique
#31 Cause and Effect Change Tool
#32 Using Presuppositions 
#33 Metaphor Techniques
#34 Success Principles Techniques 
#35 Logical Levels Tool
#36 Breaking Habit Loops Tool
#37 Using Predicates Techniques
#38 Language & Advance Language 
#39 Framing & Reframing Techniques 
#40 Advanced Framing & Reframing 
#41 Using Rep Systems 
#42 Eye Pattern Movement 
#43 Milton And Meta Model 
#44 Tote Model
#45 Visual Squash Technique
#46 Swish Pattern Technique
#47 Sub Modalities Technique
#48 Time Line Technique 
#49 Anchoring Technique 
#50 Advanced Anchoring Technique 

The programme is a home based programme with phone and Skype calls with Coach Johnny over a 90 day period. Each session contains activities for you to practice on your day to day to help you create and be able to implement and take action to reach your future success.

Event Information:

Facilitators: Your lead facilitator will be Coach Johnny

Duration: 90 Day Programme 

Location: Learn From Home

Approx Hours:

2 hours material study
1 hour techniques videos learn 
4 hours 1:1 implementation call
1 hour final exam call 

Study Materials: Included

Pre Attendance Work: Not Required

Certification : Attendees will receive a practitioner certification in NLP under the Coach Johnny Brand, signed by Coach Johnny, another master practitioner and a quality assurance representative.

Normal Investment: £500

Home Learning Special Offer: £250

Gift 1 : A free secret Top Seller NLP Book will be mailed to you...

Gift 2 : 30 Day follow up success call.. After you've finished the course and worked some of the tools you learn, Coach Johnny will have a follow up success call with you to make sure your moving forward.. 

Gift 3 : Want to learn with a friend.. Why not both book and save £50 each. So 2 for £400

Here's what You provide:

Print out your NLP PRAC PDF Booklet
Put time and distractions aside for calls 
Have pens, highlighters ready 
Have some note paper handy 
Have some Water, Tea, Coffee, Fruit ready

Coach Johnny to provide:

Content and Delivery 
Support through the 90 Days 
Videos to support learning 
A fun learning experience 

Coach Johnny aims to only coach 5-10 clients per month on gaining certifications as a home learning course so book now as places may go fast.

Full Payment due in advance for £250 Offer and book 2 for £400 Offer

Payment plans available 

Let's get you qualified and really helping people change and have success.. 

For More Information Or To Book Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: Coach Johnny is not responsible for any goals that yourself or clients do not achieve



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