The Real NLP Diploma


Are you interested in quick success, rapid and long term change?

Would you like to learn how the mind, language, emotions can help you have success?

Isn't it time you used the techniques that the most successful have used to reach their desires? 

Would you like to get qualified rapidly, on a 1:1 basis from a respected master coach with a proven track record?

If you've said yes to any of these then let's get you your ready to be qualified with a Diploma in NLP and using the tools, techniques and behaviour strategies to help yourself have success..

In this 30 learn from home programme you will have a basic understanding of NLP and its history, learn NLP key success principles, tools, techniques and behaviour strategies with some implementation in order to help you have current and future success as well as be awarded a NLP Diploma. 

What's in it for you? 

Key Learns 

- What is NLP

- How to use NLP

- NLP Success Principles

- NLP success tips, tools, techniques & behaviour strategies 

- NLP in your life, career or business

- Introduction into Hypnotic Language 

- Certified NLP Diploma 

The Breakdown - approximate times. 

Session 1 : 

Understanding You
Introduction to NLP
NLP History
NLP Modelling 
NLP Success Principles
NLP Presuppositions

Session 2 

The Mind 
The Body

Session 3

Meta and Milton 
Sub Modalities

Session 4 

How to take action

The programme is a home based programme with phone and Skype calls with Coach Johnny over a 30 day period. Each session contains activities for you to practice on your day to day to help you create and be able to implement and take action to reach your future success.

Event Information:

Facilitators: Your lead facilitator will be Coach Johnny

Duration: 30 Day Programme 

Location: Learn From Home

Approx Hours:

2 hours material study
2 hour techniques videos learn 
3 hours 1:1 implementation call
1 hour final exam call 

Study Materials: Included

Pre Attendance Work: Not Required

Certification : Attendees will receive a certification diploma in NLP under the Coach Johnny Brand, signed by 2 master practitioners and a quality assurance representative. 

Normal Investment: £150

Home Learning Offer: £49

Gift 1 : A free secret NLP Book will be mailed to you...

Gift 2 : 30 Day follow up success call.. After you've finished the course and worked some of the tool you learn, Coach Johnny will have a follow up success call with you to make sure your moving forward.. 

You provide:

Print out your NLP DIPLOMA PDF Booklet
Put time and distractions aside for calls 
Have pens, highlighters ready 
Have some note paper handy 
Have some Water, Tea, Coffee, Fruit ready 

Coach Johnny to provide:

Content and Delivery 
Support through the 30 Days 
Videos to support learning 
A fun learning experience 

Full Payment due in advance.

For More Information Or To Book Please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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