Corporate/Business NLP Sales Coaching & Training Workshops:


Over the last 18 years I have been privileged to have personally developed businesses and people from all over the World.  I have led, managed, coached, sold, trained, and given great service in the world’s most diverse metro areas and have an international corporate and small business background from Junior Levels to National Management. I am a specialist in Coaching, Training, Behaviour Change and Sales. Experience in a range of SECTORS, big brands such as HSBC and working with all levels. Having created national behaviour change, sales academies, training programs, frameworks and delivery including bespoke speeches. During this time I have become a committed, passionate, energetic, motivational and a diverse leader in business. Thriving on challenge, adaptation, doing the impossible, understanding all situations, helping, and moving the new forward whilst using behaviour change and NLP techniques as part of my specialities. Gaining results through influence, persuasion, building strong teams, relationships, structure and being organised are key elements in my strategies.  I have planned and gained my experience to put me at the forefront of business, and I have been moulded to be part of innovation and success. I’ve experienced the best of all business worlds at all levels including self-employed and now I aim to help companies exceed all expectations. If you want to implement training, coaching and behaviour change or your company needs a leader to take a team to new heights then I am an expert that will deliver. 



Corporate/Business NLP Sales Coaching & Training Workshops:


X The Real Sales Process

X Real Face 2 Face Sales

X Real Phone Sales

X Real Prospecting

X Real Relationship Building

X Real Objection Handling

X Real Negotiation

X Real Presenting

X Real Closing

X Real Peak Sales Performance


 My corporate and small business services include developing and delivering;


Behaviour Change

New Business 

Sales Coaching

Sales Training

Bespoke Workshops

Bespoke Corporate Speeches


I am also qualified to Master Level and am now offering in house Staff NLP Diploma and Practitioner Certification & Sales Courses.





Team Leadership/Management  

Full Sales/Full Service



Online Promotion








Coaching: Training: NLP: Holistic: Behaviour Change: 

1:1: Groups: Teams: Departments: Floors: Inbound: Outbound:

Workshops: Training Classes: Academies: Seminars: Events:

Deliver: Create: Modify: Enhance Current Training/Coaching:

Life: Business: Sales: Performance: Company Ethos: Change




Sales Process: Preparation: Introduction: Fact Find: FAB: Summary: Objection 

Handling: Closing: Referrals: Negotiation: Spin: Relationship Building: Presenting: 

Influencing: Targets: Service: Telephone: Face2Face: Cold Calling: Promoting: 

Branding: Social Media: Networking: Day Plans: Sales Success: Sales People: 

Unconscious Rapport: Unconscious Sales: Unconscious Service: Retention




Company Values: Beliefs: Ethos: Culture: Messages: Change: Growth:  

Team Building: Management: Leadership: Success: Time Management: 

Performance: Peak Performance: Modelling: Language: State: Action 

Personal: Thinking: Beliefs: Confidence: Goals: Stress Management: 

Rapid & Long Term Change: Balance: Self-Talk: NLP Techniques




Self Help: Lifestyle: Life Skills: Self Hypnosis: Sports Performance: Motivation:

Relaxation: Meditation: Mental Health: Self Esteem: Self Image: Phobias & Fears:

Anxiety: Weight Loss & Control: Imbalance: Gaining Balance: Life Success:

Personal and Business Success Planning 


For more information and booking enquires please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Staff Qualifications:


Corporate/Business Combined Real NLP Diploma & Practitioner Staff Course.



Get your staff qualified in NLP


In-House Bespoke Certification Programme

Day, Evening, Scheduled to suite your business schedule

Delivered with business key messages


For more information and booking enquires please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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