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Learn how to be the best sales person you can be through you, your habits, your brand, environment and sales goals in this 4 hour Peak Performance Course. Are You Really A Sales Person?

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Being a sales person start with you. In this module we will explore you as a real sales person.


Sales people have proven habits. In this module we will explore the habits you need to have sales success.


Sales environments have proven to be key in sales success. In this module we will explore your space.


In this module we will explore how you look, sound and speak creating your sales brand.


Goals and Targets have structure, meaning, their real. In this module we explore goal setting.


The best perform at peak. In this module we will explore what peak performance is and your implementation.


The Breakdown – approximate times. 

Module 1: Course Introduction

Sales & You
Sales Habits

Module 2: Environment

Sales Home
Sales Work
Sales Space
Sales Team

Module 3: Branding

Sales Mind
Sales Look
Sales Feeling
Sales Language
Sales Education

Module 4: Goal Setting

Goal Setting Structure
Goal Setting For Peak Performance
Sales Target Setting
Routine & Day Plans

Module 5: Peak Performance

How to use what you have learnt so far
What is Peak Performance for you
Perform at Peak Performance Levels
Personal Peak Performance Goals

Course Wrap Up
Course Goals



The programme is a workshop in-house format over a 4 hour period. Each session contains activities for you to practice on your day to day to help you create and be able to implement and take action to reach your future sales success


Facilitators: Your lead facilitator will be Johnny Hussain

Duration: 4 Hour Programme 

Location: In-House

Materials: To be printed by company for staff

Pre Attendance Work: Not Required

Certification : Attendees will receive a sales certification under the Johnny Hussain Coaching Brand


Normal Investment: £100 Per Student / (Minimum 5 Students)

Gift 1: A free secret Top Seller Sales Book for all your staff who attend.

Gift 2: 30 Day free follow up success meeting with your sales staff who attended.

Gift 3: Book and save 20% on Coach Johnny Sales Coaching Service

Here’s what you provide:

Provide Location/Power Point/Projector
Print out the I AM SALES PDF STAFF Booklet
Have pens, highlighters ready
Have some note paper handy
Have some Water, Tea, Coffee, Fruit ready

Coach Johnny to provide:

Content and Delivery
Support through the first 30 Days
Videos to support learning
A fun learning experience

Full Payment due in advance

Let’s get your staff to be real sales people!

Hi, I’m Coach Johnny and for over 20 years I have helped my clients develop their staff and businesses. I have helped over 10,000 people, trained over 1500 and helped over 100 businesses including entrepreneurs, small to medium size businesses and corporations.

I currently specialise in helping my clients staff and businesses through Business Coaching, Sales Coaching, Delivering Sales Training Courses and Staff Personal Behaviour Change. I have created businesses, training and sales departments, national behaviour change, sales academies, training programs, workshops, frameworks, web courses and delivery including bespoke speeches. 

I also offer my own training courses and various affiliate products as well as provide free tips, tools, strategies and videos to help business owners and businesses grow off and online. I’ve experienced the best of all business worlds at all levels including self-employed and I aim to help companies exceed all expectations. 

If you are someone who has a business idea and doesn’t know were to start, you’re a new business who needs some help, a small to medium size business who needs to grow or a corporation that needs some training. I can help and I am an expert that will deliver.

I am available fro 1:1. teams, groups, events and also face to face, online, over the phone, over web cam and I have trained in the latest business and sales tools including being qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner to deliver high end coaching, staff development and most importantly converting sales and company growth.

I offer a free consultation and a range of experiences as found on my website and feel free to contact me for more information.

Johnny Hussain

Business Coaching : Sales Coaching :  Training Courses : Staff Behaviour Change

Johnny Hussain

Business & Sales Coach

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