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Coach Johnny

I am an experienced football coach whom has coached all ages and levels. I have developed over 1 thousand players and have helped many clubs and football companies develop and grow. I have covered most roles within clubs, won various leagues and titles over the years and have been a solid part of Kent County Football. Known as Coach Johnny and for my former teams, players, my work in the area and for my son Jayden as well as fun motivating sessions I have built a solid coaching career now having coached players to international levels. 


Football History: Over the last 20 years I have worked with:

Bayonne NJ Girls : ProFutures : Darenth Cougars : Thamesmead Town : Sporting Club Thamesmead : Danson Sports : Phoenix Sports : Kent Football United : Arsenal DC : Chelsea DC, Charlton Academy : Watford Academy : Leighton Orient Academy : Brentford Academy : David Beckham Academy, Astar Academy : Various Schools, Youth Centres, Councils & Health Centres, Holiday Clubs, Sport Schools.  


Top 10 Key Achievements:

  • Football Coach for over 20 years.
  • Coached all ages: Grassroots – Senior, Male & Female.
  • Coached all levels: Grassroots, Elite, Academy, u21, Semi Pro & Pro.
  • Coached teams for Development and to League & Cup Champions
  • Ran Soccer Schools, Half Terms, PDC, Elites & Tournaments
  • Coached at Development Centres & Professional Academies
  • Have Coached players to academy, semi pro and pro level including international
  • Was Part of and Head of Coach for Andy Johnsons, AStar Global Street Academy
  • Have had coaching, development, welfare, secretary & treasurer roles
  • Have developed clubs and helped over 1 thousand children learn and play football


Key Skills: Fun: Development: Motivation: Communication: Team Build: Behaviour Change: Peak Performance: Management: Leadership: Organisation: All Round Football: Club Culture.

Football Development Coaching Areas: I help coach in all areas of football:

Mind : Fitness : Health : Ball Control : Skill : Awareness : Speed/Acceleration : Directional Change : Strength :Power : Aggression : Passing : Shooting : Heading : Defending : Free Kicks/Corners : 1:1 Situation : Leap : Reliability : Communication : Team Work : Dressing Room : Media  : Sacrifice : Leadership : Belief



  • 20 Year+ Experience
  • Qualified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Qualified Sports Performance Coach
  • Level 1 Fa Football Coach
  • S Business Management & Finance
  • BTEC Advance Business Management

References Can Be Supplied. DBS Cleared. First Aid. Child Safety.

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