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With a 15 year international corporate background from Junior Levels to National Management. A specialist in Coaching, Training, Behaviour Change and Sales. Experience in a range of SECTORS, big brands such as HSBC and working with all levels. Having created national behaviour change, sales academies, training programs, frameworks and delivery including bespoke speeches. With the ability and proven results to increase retention, increase brand, up skilling employees and move business forward. Coach Johnny is the most diverse get results Corporate Trainer and Coach in the UK Today. 

Corporate/Business NLP Sales Coaching & Training Workshops: 

X The Real Sales Process 
X Real Face 2 Face Sales 
X Real Phone Sales 
X Real Prospecting 
X Real Relationship Building 
X Real Objection Handling 
X Real Negotiation 
X Real Presenting 
X Real Closing 
X Real Peak Sales Performance 

Staff Qualifications: 

Corporate/Business Combined Real NLP Diploma & Practitioner Staff Course.

Get your staff qualified in NLP

The Real 90 Days Business Success Programme : Design Your Real Business

For over 15 years Coach Johnny has helped various businesses & industries as well as people from different professions with different talents through his 90 Days Business Programme which has seen results that have led clients to having a solid foundation, brand and plan where some clients have made a six figure income within 12 months and all have had success and earned. During this 90 days, Coach Johnny will coach you, teach you, help you, push you and motivate you to have a profitable small business. Together you will create things such as your name, brand, slogan, logo, stationary, paperwork, marketing, sales, on-line, website and everything in between up to a working business plan with financials. Within 90 days you will be a Successful Business Owner

The Real 90 Days Business Success Programme : Design Your Real Business

INCLUDES 23 Business Coaching Calls

1 Introduction 
1 Business Visioning & Planning 
1 Design Your Business 
1 Sales Process 
1 Sales Process Follow Up 
12 Weekly Success 
3 Business Management 
1 Launch Call 
1 Final Session 
1 Follow Up

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