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Hi, I’m Coach Johnny and for over 20 years I have helped my personal and business clients grow. I have helped over 10,000 people, trained over 1500 and helped over 100 businesses including entrepreneurs, small to medium size businesses and corporations.

I currently specialise in helping my clients through business coaching, business branding, online marketing, video editing, affiliate products and coaching all with the goal to help my clients grow and earn an income online.

I also offer my own training courses and various affiliate products as well as provide free tips, tools, strategies and videos to help people and their businesses online. I’ve experienced the best of all business worlds at all levels including self-employed and I aim to help companies exceed all expectations.

If you are someone who has a business idea and doesn’t know were to start, maybe you’re a new business who needs some help with branding, a small to medium size business who needs to grow online and reach local clients, a corporation that needs some online marketing training or maybe you are someone who is ready to take the step and start earning an income online I can help and I am an expert that will deliver.

I am available for 1:1, teams, groups, events and also face to face, online, over the phone, over web cam and I am trained in the latest, business and online marketing tools including being qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner to deliver high end success.

I offer a free consultation and a range of experiences as found on my website. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Johnny Hussain
Business Coach & Online Marketer

90 Real Things About Coach Johnny.

1. My Why Is My Boys, Family & Friends
2. My Purpose Is To Teach My Boys & Help People Through Life
3. My Mission Is To Give & Help My Boys In Life
4. My Belief Is In God, Self & My Boys
5. My Values Are My Roots
6. Absolute Love My Family & Friends
7. I Was Born In February 1978
8. British, American, Guyanese, Indian and claiming Filipino
9. Raised Between America & England
10. Raised By 2 Religions: Islam & Christianity
11. Have A Massive Family & Extended Family
12. Father Of 3 Boys – Ages : 19, 15, 11 (2019)
13. Sibling Of 7 (4 Sisters, 2 Brothers )
14. Son of Dad, Step Mum, Mum, Step Dad
15. Spilt Family From Age 5
16. Moved Between UK & USA Yearly Growing Up
17. Moved Home Over 17 Times
18. Went To Over 10 Schools
19. Had Over 100 Physical Fights Growing
20. A Street Kid Most Of My Young Life
21. Graduated High School & College
22. At Age 17 Had To Make A Life Surviving Choice
23. Married At Age 18
24. Was Married For 15 Years
25. Raised A Family, Did The Family Life
26. Divorced, Became Homeless, Lost All
27. Debts Went To Over 30k
28. Tried To End My Life
29. Have Had Mental Health Challenges
30. Have Psoriasis And Arthritic Psoriasis
31. Rebuilt Myself With Help From Breakdown
32. Have Been Racially Abused & Discriminated Against For Race, Colour, Religion, Beliefs & More.
33. Campaigned For Human Rights
34. Campaigned For Fathers Rights
35. Campaigned For Sibling Rights
36. Became A Single Dad
37. Rebuilt And Raised My Eldest Son Through High School, College & Now Uni Plus Coached Him To Semi Pro Football Standard And Independent.
38. Reunited My 3 Boys After Unlawful Separation
39. Own A Home, Rent A Home
40. Became A Coach At Age 20
41. Been Coach For Over 20 years
42. Master NLP Practitioner
43. Help People In Life & Business
44. A Specialist Behaviour Change
45. A Specialist In Sales & Training
46. A Specialist In Marketing & Branding
47. Helped Over 10,000 people
48. Helped Qualify Over 1500 in NLP
49. Helped Over 1000 SBO & Entrepreneurs
50. Helped Over 1000 Children Develop
51. Made over $500K lifetime
52. Spoke To Crowds Over 10,000
53. Attended Over 100 Development Courses
54. Designed Over 100 Development Courses
55. Created Over 100 Self Help Videos
56. Have Read Or Listened To Over 500 Personal Development Books
57. I know over 100 Mind Techniques
58. Have Helped Teams Of Over 1000 people
59. Personally Mentored By Various Mentors & Leaders In Development & Success
60. Had Success In MLM/Online Business
61. Had Over 100,000 Social Media Followers early days before I deleted all
62. Created 3 Music Rap Albums (Sold 10,000+)
63. Toured London & East Coast USA Venues
64. Developer & Managed Various Artist
65. Managed 1 Artist To Number 1 Single
66. Had A Few TV Appearances
67. Had a Few Stage Appearances
68. Played Up To Semi Pro Footballer
69. Coached Thousands Of Children In Football
70. Was Part Of And Head Of Coaching For The AStar Academy
71. Have Coached Players All Levels Including Pro
72. Coach For Arsenal, Chelsea, Watford, Leyton Orient, David Beckham, Billy Wingrove & Grassroots Academies & Clubs
73. Have Run A Marathon Length
74. Raised Over 10k For Charity
75. Gained Sponsorships Of Up To £500k
76. Had Over 70 Different Jobs
77. Started Selling At Age 8
78. Worked In Most Industries
79. Had A Great Banking Career From Cashier – National Management
80. Was Deptuty National Sales Coach For HSBC
81. Youngest In Most Banking Positions I Held
82. Won Awards For Top Sales Person In Various Companies Nationally
83. Director & Promoter of Girls Soccer Academy
84. A believer in going for your dreams
85. My Favourite Quote Is – Keep It Real
86. My Prayer Daily Is For All Of You
87. I pay daily for forgiveness for anyone I have hurt
88. I’m Am Thankful & Blessed To Be Alive

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